About Us

Kansas City BBQ Has Come To Denver

Owner Marc Anthony once had a dream to bring authentic Kansas City style barbeque to Denver. Having grown up in Kansas City, Missouri, Marc just hadn’t found that same KC taste in Colorado. Now it’s here!

Brickyard BBQ’s original restaurant was located in a charming red brick building at the corner of 38th Avenue and Stuart. Our current location at 311 E. County Line Road is convenient for South Metro Denver BBQ lovers.

Our restaurant is marked by the mouth-watering aroma of smoked Pork, Chicken, Beef Brisket, Hot Links, Ribs, and Burnt Ends. We use only the highest quality meats and smoke them for hours, giving them that homemade, carefully-crafted flavor that you won’t find in a chain restaurant. For a true Kansas City style experience, we serve up sides like hearty baked beans, savory potato salad and crisp cole slaw. Don’t forget to order a tall drink of Kool-Aid!

The wall said it all! Countless customers have left rave reviews of the Brickyard Experience on the red walls surrounding the dining area. Our friendly staff with attitude and picnic-style decor will make your family want to return again and again.

“Don’t eat here unless you want to fall in love” – Rudy